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SBCC Dean Kenley Neufeld. Image courtesy of Kenley Neufeld.

For more than a century, Santa Barbara City College has served as a gateway to opportunity for students of all walks of life. No one knows this better than SBCC Dean Kenley Neufeld, who has been a part of the SBCC community for more than a decade. “As an educator, I like learning just for the sake of learning, which for me is the beautiful motive,” said Kenley. “But City College also expands doorways to employment, innovation, and opportunity, in the end proving itself to be a critical component of Santa Barbara’s landscape.”

Kenley has long been interested in education, specifically library science and technology. He began his career at SBCC as the technology librarian, becoming the library director after one year. He is now a dean serving the areas of ESL, School of Modern Languages, Physical Education, Health, and Recreation, the Luria Library, distance education, and faculty professional development. “I am a product of the California community college system, and I feel that it has served me well,” said Kenley. “Now I work at an amazing school, with staff, faculty, and administrators who love what they do. There are a lot of good people here – we all love the college, and the community.”

Since beginning his tenure at Santa Barbara City College, Kenley has been a donor and supporter of the SBCC Foundation, giving categorically to specific programs and projects. “I am a big believer of supporting the college through its fundraising arm, and think it is important for employees to show their support regardless of what they are able to give,” said Kenley. “I can tell you, just in my areas alone, the foundation does great work on behalf of at risk students in the ESL program, and in support of the library. Thanks in part to donor support, we are one of the few libraries in the community college system that is open seven days a week, with hours until 11:00 p.m. five days a week.”

Kenley is a member of the foundation’s Visionaries Circle, a group of dedicated supporters committed to higher education opportunities for all. Members of the Visionaries Circle make the foundation’s work possible, providing the core support that enables the foundation to raise the dollars necessary to ensure SBCC remains an extraordinary institution of higher learning. “When I became a dean, I became a member of the Visionaries Circle,” said Kenley. “I felt it was important to give the foundation the flexibility it needed to do its job well.”

Ultimately, the SBCC Foundation exists to fuel the educational excellence that has long been the hallmark of Santa Barbara City College. With tuition reasonably low compared to other higher education institutions, and a 100 percent acceptance policy for students, SBCC eliminates all barriers to entry for any person looking to obtain an education. The foundation enhances the educational experience, working in partnership with the college to secure resources for the highest priority needs of the school. “We are so fortunate to have the foundation supporting and promoting our work,” said Kenley. “It is a benefit to the college and a great gift to the community.”


Author: Jessica Tade


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