Eligibility for the SBCC Promise

The SBCC Promise offers any recent local high school graduate the opportunity to attend Santa Barbara City College by covering all required fees, books, and supplies for up to two years – it is open to any student who meets the eligibility requirements and is willing to make the necessary commitments. The SBCC Promise is making our community’s college fully accessible to all local students, and relies entirely on privately raised funds.

Who can participate in the SBCC Promise:

  • Local students who graduate from a public, private, or alternative high school including homeschool, court school, or online school in the SBCC District Area.

Local schools include: Adult High School (SBCC), Alta Vista High School, Anacapa High School, Bishop Garcia Diego High School, Carpinteria High School, Cate School, Dos Pueblos High School, Eureka School of Santa Barbara, Foothill Alternative High School, Garden Street Academy, La Cuesta High School, Laguna Blanca, Los Robles High School, Olive Grove High School (Santa Barbara), Providence Hall, Rincon High School, San Marcos High School, Santa Barbara High School, Trivium Charter School.

  • New students who recently graduated from high school or the equivalent including Adult High School, GED completion, and passing the CHSPE in the SBCC District Area.
  • California Residents, AB540 Students, and Undocumented students who meet all SBCC Promise eligibility requirements.

Eligibility to sign up for the SBCC Promise

  • Complete your secondary education within the Santa Barbara Community College District.
  • Enroll at SBCC for the fall or spring semester (first or second regular semester) immediately after your high school graduation, GED completion, or the equivalent.

Requirements to remain eligible for the SBCC Promise
All SBCC Promise students must complete all eligibility requirements to continue participating. Eligibility is reviewed during the start of each semester, in the middle of each semester, and at the end of each semester. Students are notified about their eligibility status in the SBCC Promise directly through messages sent to their SBCC Pipeline email account.

Requirements to participate in the SBCC Promise:

  1. Apply for financial aid every academic year. Apply by submitting the California College Promise Grant application (CCPG), Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), or California Dream Act Application.
  2. Commit to a full-time student schedule. You must register for a minimum of 12 units every fall and spring semester each academic year.
  3. Participate in a minimum of one academic counseling session each semester.
  4. Remain in good academic standing at Santa Barbara City College.

Summer Terms
Summer sessions are optional terms, but they are covered by the SBCC Promise for students who choose to enroll in summer sessions immediately following their Spring Semesters as SBCC Promise students. The summer sessions immediately after high school graduation, however, are not covered by the SBCC Promise.

  • No minimum or maximum unit requirement.
  • No academic counseling requirement.

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