For Amy Malone, returning to SBCC several years after she enrolled the first time became a life-changing decision. “SBCC paved the way to reaching my educational goals, and that success has helped me reach further than I would have imagined,” she said.

Amy attended SBCC from 2017 to 2020, successfully earning an associate degree in economics. Scholarships and student support programs funded through the SBCC Foundation helped make this possible, and she is grateful to have gained a “firm foundation to succeed in the future.” This may not have seemed like a possibility to her when she first attended SBCC, as a young mother.

“I really struggled the first time I enrolled, back in 2004. I tried to balance working, being a parent, and college. Unfortunately, my education took a back seat.” When she returned years later, she was given the resources she need to put her education first. These included comprehensive academic counseling, in addition to material and financial assistance. “I also found a great deal of community and emotional support to guide me through through the ups and downs,” she said. Student support programs such as EOPS (Extended Opportunities Programs and Services) provide critical services that help students navigate the challenges of college and life.

Amy is excited about transferring to UCSB to continue her education and earn a degree in economics and accounting. “I was able to take aptitude and personality tests through SBCC’s School of Extended Learning, and discovered that I have a strong inclination toward accounting,” she said.

“I greatly value my education at SBCC, along with the real sense of community I experienced. I’ve learned so much about myself, and my success here has given me the confidence to keep moving forward, and to go for the things I want to accomplish in life.”

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