Betsabe Lopez Morales says she got interested in politics because she’s always been opinionated and outspoken. During her first year as an SBCC Promise student, she took classes in international politics, and loved what she learned. She decided that good laws and policies are among the best tools for making changes in society, along with education.

“Education is important, as it helps people understand that things are deeper and more complicated than they sometimes appear. You learn how to delve into something and see it from different angles,” says Betsabe.

The SBCC Promise is a great opportunity, she explained, as it allows her to focus on her studies instead of having to take a job to pay for school, which would leave less time to study. When she went to the book store she was shocked that her books for one semester cost nearly $500! She was very happy it was covered by the Promise, along with all tuition, fees, books, and supplies for two years.

“I am grateful for the SBCC Promise, and for my professors here who are so knowledgeable and love to teach,” Betsabe said. She and her brother are the first ones in her family to go to college. Her goal is to transfer to a four-year university and earn a bachelor’s degree in political science in addition to a teaching credential, so she can teach social studies or history at a junior high or high school.

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