If you had to sketch the path to becoming a Hedge Fund Manager, it probably would not resemble the winding turns of Greg Loosvelt’s life.  And yet it is precisely his eclectic past-and-present that inform this unique way of thinking and let’s him see opportunities that others miss.  Loosvelt has a lawyer’s love for the thirst and parry of intellectual engagement, is razor sharp and funny. Loosvelt’s ability to quickly absorb and process information may be his greatest gift. A former investment bank merger and acquisition analyst, turnaround specialist, management consultant to the Fortune 50 and crossover hedge fund manager, Loosvelt has degrees in Chemistry, Law and Management.  He has started five ventured backed companies. During his tenure as Manager of a growth-oriented long/short investment fund, the fund had a ten-year track record of 28.6%.  Known for identifying cutting edge technologies and building company teams, he is currently the Vice Chair of Score Santa Barbara and consultant for high potential early-stage companies.

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