Joshua Molina spent three years at Santa Barbara City College, graduating with a degree in journalism. Now working as a reporter, public relations professional, and an SBCC journalism instructor, Joshua strives to awaken his students’ passions for learning, while helping them believe they are capable of great things.

Who: Joshua Molina

Profession: Journalist/SBCC Instructor

How long were you at SBCC? 3 years

What was your focus while at SBCC? I started as an accounting major and enjoyed it, but switched to journalism after taking Journalism 101 as an elective.

Best memory? I met my future wife in a math class at SBCC. I was also the Journalism Student of the Year, honored at a campuswide ceremony.

How did the SBCC experience influence your professional path? Journalism Department Chair Patricia Stark changed my world. She was the first person I met who made me believe in myself and my capabilities. After taking Journalism 101 and spending two years on the campus newspaper The Channels, I knew that journalism was the only career for me. I am generally a shy and modest person, but when I have a notebook in my hand I feel like I can accomplish anything.

What are you doing now? I have several jobs. I work as a reporter, teacher, and public relations professional. I am now in my seventh year as a journalism instructor at SBCC and I try to spark the same kind of passion in my students. I teach them the art and craft of journalism, but I also strive to help them believe they are capable of great things.

How are you making an impact on the world? I believe journalism is an important profession and one of the highest callings in public service. On my best days, I strive to inform the public, shed light on important topics, and write stories in a unique and compelling way. As a teacher, I work hard to make an impact on my students. For many students, my class might be the first time they have been challenged by a teacher, pushed to do better, and told they are capable of more. I always try to be a positive influence on young people.

Why is SBCC an important educational institution for the Santa Barbara community? SBCC is one of the pillars of this community. For some students, going from high school to a four-year university is the right way to go. But for so many others, beginning their higher education at Santa Barbara City College is absolutely the right path. It’s where many students find their way. I believe that when it comes to community college education, SBCC is unmatched throughout the nation. It’s also where working professionals can return to school to learn new skills and obtain certificates and degrees that will improve their success in the workplace.

Are you proud to be a Vaquero alum? Why? I loved all of my experiences at Santa Barbara City College. Even though I was a student 20 years ago, when I walk the campus I feel like I am 20 years old again. I have met so many amazing people at SBCC including my wife Dina Richardson. I still bring my kids to campus. It’s the place where I helped teach my daughter how to walk and taught my son to field ground balls by rolling tennis balls down the paved ramps and hills. I feel fortunate to have gone to school at SBCC and even more fortunate to have met a teacher like Patricia Stark who cared enough to make a difference in my life.

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