Oscar Gutierrez says that at Santa Barbara City College he received both a top-notch education and student support services that enabled him to learn in a more effective and efficient way after discovering he has a learning disability. In 2012 he earned his associate degree in Film and Video Production, then transferred to UCSB where he earned a BA with honors in Film and Media Studies.

“I’ve carried the lessons I learned at SBCC through my life to this day. The faculty and staff at SBCC went above and beyond in helping me while I was enrolled and even long afterward,” Oscar said. “I made lifelong friends and professional connections that have benefited me in immeasurable ways.”

Oscar explained that SBCC fosters a nurturing environment and that he was able to win several awards for his work that helped propel his career forward. He loved so many of his classes it’s hard for him to choose favorites, but he did especially enjoy film, journalism, and global studies. The professors teaching these courses were Roger Durling, Patricia Stark, and Peter Haslund.

“I encourage everyone to check out SBCC and see what it can offer them, and to support the college in any way they can,” Oscar said. He says one of his dreams is to teach at SBCC and “give back to the college who made me who I am today.”

Oscar now serves as a Santa Barbara City Council Member, and has enjoyed a two-decade journalism and videography career, working for ABC, Warner Brothers, Univision, SBCC, and UCSB, among others. He received more than 30 national and regional nominations and awards along the way. His career involved working with local government and public service sectors, including media coverage of local politics, and those experiences prompted him to step up and serve as the first millennial elected to the Santa Barbara City Council.

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