“Check writing is nice, but it’s giving that counts, whether it’s money or time. When I met my wife Leslie almost 14 years ago, giving became a commitment. I’m not retired, and I never will retire. Can’t afford to retire if we want to keep giving. As long as I keep going, I can do it. Santa Barbara City College is a stepping stone without which people who want to go beyond would be finished with high school. So many, without a thought of going to a four-year college, find they can continue their education and transition easily to a university. And even if they don’t transfer, having gone to some college makes a great difference in their lives. Providing scholarships really makes a difference and that makes us both feel good.” – Paul Ridley-Tree

Paul Ridley-Tree joined the SBCC Foundation Board of Directors in 1988, and served as its president for two terms, from 1992–1996, and served as the Honorary Chair of the SBCC President’s Council in 1995.

The Ridley-Tree Student Scholarships were established in 1988 by Paul and his wife Leslie. Annually, 60-80 underrepresented students and single parents with the greatest financial need receive these awards. The scholarships are funded each year through the Ridley-Tree Family Foundation.

In 1991, the Ridley-Trees contributed $2M to the 21st Century Campaign through an irrevocable provision in a charitable remainder trust. In 2000, Paul stepped down from active service on the Foundation Board and was elected to emeritus status.

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