Robyn Parker’s original college plan fell by the wayside when she stepped into her USC dorm room on move-in day. The freshman realized that she was not ready to leave Santa Barbara and informed her parents immediately of her change of plans – “I’m going to City College.”

The decision proved to be the right one for Robyn, who benefited from fantastic academic counseling and personal interactions with her professors at SBCC, before transferring two years later to UC Santa Barbara, where she earned her degree in Business Economics. The former GeneralHospital actress now works in philanthropy, serving as the Program Associate at the Hutton Parker Foundation and additionally as the SBCC Alumni Association President. We sat down with Robyn to discuss her love for SBCC and why she has chosen to give back.

What did you enjoy most about your experience at SBCC?

Besides the incredible view overlooking the Santa Barbara Harbor? I’d have to say it was the teachers. After attending a private high school, I still craved that one-on-one attention from my instructors. At SBCC, the classes are still small enough that the education can be personalized to the student’s needs.

What drew you to become involved with the SBCC Foundation?

Many people don’t realize that it’s the Foundation that supports many of the College’s essential programs; the best way for me to give back was to get involved. I’m thrilled to be the President of the Alumni Association and to be in the position to give back to the school that I hold so close to my heart.

What are your goals for the Alumni Association?

I want to make the Alumni Association an exciting way to be involved with the College and an avenue to give back to an institution that has helped me and so many others to attain their goals. Whether it’s volunteering, mentoring, educating, or just getting back on campus – our goal is to reunite Vaqueros. We have some exciting opportunities for networking and career development such as our unique “Meet Your Career Match” play on speed dating and are hosting an Alumni Association Football get together. Trust me; it’s going to be a fun year for SBCC alums!

Why do you think people should join the Alumni Association?

The better question is “why not?” If you love SBCC and appreciate everything that it has done for your education and beyond, there is no better way to give back and stay connected to what’s happening on campus than to become a member. 

To sign-up for the SBCC Alumni Association, click here. 

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