Sarhai Gastelum is excited about her Dynamic Earth class at Santa Barbara City College -she’s even decided that physical geology might be her calling. A first-year SBCC Promise student, Sarhai is enjoying college life and finds SBCC to be “a very diverse campus that makes everyone feel welcomed.” She adds that “the faculty is simply amazing.” Sarhai finds that her teachers are passionate and caring, and make time after class for students who have questions. And her Dynamic Earth class is one of her favorite classes so far.

“Being a part of the SBCC Promise has been a wonderful experience,” says Sarhai. “It provides the materials students need, eliminating the burden of working extra hours to buy them. Those hours can then be spent completing assignments and furthering my studies.”

Before starting her freshman year, Sarhai participated in Running Start, the six-week summer bridge program that is part of EOPS (Extended Opportunity Programs and Services), which helped her, along with a few dozen of her peers, get up to speed quickly on being a student at SBCC. The program helps high school graduates navigate the waters of selecting courses, preparing for exams, and learning what it takes to succeed in college.

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