Emily Florence transferred into SBCC from a four-year university so she could get going on the UC curriculum before transferring to UC Santa Barbara. “After one week, I never wanted to leave,” said Emily. “You know you are at an incredible school when the classrooms are full and the sandy beaches across the street are empty.”

While at SBCC, Emily studied everything from astronomy to drama to Italian with teachers who had immense passion for their respective subjects. “I became an avid learner at SBCC,” said Emily. “That desire and excitement to learn something new is why I decided to become an entrepreneur.”

At SBCC, Emily was a member of the Phi Theta Kappa National Honor Society. After graduating, she transferred to UCSB where she received a bachelor of arts degree in cultural anthropology. She then received a master of arts degree in broadcast journalism from Emerson College in Boston, where she was also an Associated Press Award Winner. Highlights of Emily’s career include being founder and president of SavvyMiss.com, a website community for women, which was awarded one of Forbes Top 100 Websites for Women; founder of Good Day Consulting, a public relations and publicity company helping entrepreneurs and artists grow their businesses; and founder of Good Day Publishing, a publishing company specializing in inspiration and self-help publications. Her book “The Happiness Handbook” releases February 2015.

Regarding SBCC’s role in her perseverance as an entrepreneur, Emily said “I was truly inspired by all of my teachers at SBCC, but Rick Mokler and Pope Freeman in the Theatre Arts Department particularly impacted my life beyond the classroom. Both challenged me to overcome fear and showed me that greatness comes from taking risks. As they say, the only way to score is by taking a shot!”

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