Kym Renga, RN attended SBCC as an older student, realizing later in life how important it was to her to get an education. With a passion for health care, Kym focused on the nursing program, and is now an evening triage nurse for Visiting Nurse and Hospice Care.

Who: Kym Renga, RN

Profession: Evening Triage Nurse for Visiting Nurse and Hospice Care

How long were you at SBCC? 5 years

What was your focus while at SBCC? Nursing was always my goal, from start to finish.

Best Memory? Finishing what I started. I knew come hell or high water, I was going to complete nursing school. I also have a rather vivid memory of screaming and yelling in excitement when I passed chemistry, running down a grassy knoll waving my arms.

How did the SBCC experience influence your professional path? I learned how much I wanted to be a nurse, and how nothing was going to stop me from succeeding. During my time at SBCC, Janie Guillermo and Anne Marie Kopeikin made a huge impact on me. Alyson Bostwick in the counseling office was also extremely instrumental in my success. Janie nurtured me, and made me want to be the best nurse I could be. Anne Marie believed in me, picking me up off the proverbial floor on days when I had setbacks.

What are you doing now? I work as an evening triage nurse for Visiting Nurse and Hospice Care. I also worked at VNHC’s inpatient facility, Serenity House, to gain more hospice skills for my field work. I see patients and their families at end of life and for any problems that occur outside of normal business hours, usually weekends and evenings.

How are you making an impact on the world? I am the face you see when you or someone you love is frightened or in pain. I am there to tell people they are doing the right thing when taking care of a loved one in a home setting. It is simple, I am one person helping another with tough end of life decisions.

Why is SBCC an important educational institution for the Santa Barbara community? I had every opportunity to attend college out of high school and did not choose that path. As I got older, it become very important to me to get my education. As an older student, SBCC was perfect because it was affordable and within reach. And, I was able to work part time while attending the ADN Program of Nursing.

Are you proud to be a Vaquero Alumni? Yes! Who else gets to watch the ocean at their doorstep? Being a sailor, I especially appreciated the proximity to the water. And the staff was pretty awesome, too.

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