Wendy Aguilera assists the SBCC Promise Director and is an important part of its success. She helps with presentations at local high schools, explaining the eligibility requirements for the Promise and registering students who plan to attend SBCC after graduation. She also connects students to resources on campus, helps students schedule their own appointments with academic counselors, and conducts outreach at events on and off campus.

Wendy is currently pursuing a degree at SBCC in psychology, and plans to transfer to California State University Channel Islands. In 2018, she earned an associate degree at SBCC in Liberal Arts, Emphasis: Social and Behavioral Science. Wendy is a graduate of the SPARC (Single Parents Arriving Ready for College) program at SBCC. When SPARC was awarded the prestigious Rice Diversity and Equity award in 2018, she had the privilege of serving as the student representative for the program by speaking at an event in Sacramento alongside Chelsea Lancaster and appearing in a short video, describing the ways that SPARC changed her life. Her favorite role is being a single mother to her beautiful, intelligent, strong and kind hearted daughter, Quetzaly.

Wendy has also served in other roles at SBCC, including as a peer mentor for EOPS (Extended Opportunities Program and Services). She continues to work with a number of community organizations, and has helped to provide art classes for children, creative writing circles for formerly incarcerated students, students in recovery, and single parenting students as well as has hosted parent workshops at SBCC. Her main purpose in life is to be whom she needed when she was younger, for those who need it most.

Contact Information

Position Title: SBCC Promise Assistant / Administrative Assistant
Telephone number: (805) 730-4407
E-mail address: aguilera@sbccfoundation.org

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